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Custom Thermoformed Plastic

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Dental Instrument Trays

Dental Instrument Tray

Aircraft Antenna Cover

ABS Housing

JH Nunn's Plastic Fabrication capabilities include Thermoformed Plastic.  Thermoforming is a process where Thermoset plastic sheets are preheated and then draped over a mold. A vacuum assist can be used to pull the heated plastic into close proximity with the Mold.  Depending on the material thickness and the quantities involved, the plastic can be fed into the Thermoformer on roles for thin films or as sheets for thicker plastics.  Plastic Thermoformers use a wide range of thermoplastic materials including: ABS, Acrylic, Kydex, Lexan, Plexiglass, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, PVC and Styrene. All these materials become soft when heated, but become rigid again when cool.

Typical Thermoformed Plastic applications include aircraft components, protective covers, containers, lids, clamshells and enclosures used in such diverse applications as consumer packaging, automotive interior panels and medical trays.  Plastic Thermoformers require relatively inexpensive Tooling, because only a male tool is usually required.  The heated plastic material conforms to the Mold without the need for a matching Die. In lower volume production an epoxy composite mold can be used, which further reduces tooling cost.  Thermoformed Plastic is relatively quick and easy to produce in low to medium qualities.  Thermoforming lends itself well to Plastic Fabrication secondary operations.  Formed components can be trimmed, drilled, routed, assembled, bonded, silkscreened & riveted.  All this can be accomplished while maintaining the excellent cosmetic appearance of the final product.

Our thermoformed plastic can range in thickness from 4 mils to 300 mils.  We also have the capability of vacuum forming, which is essentially Thermoformed Plastic with a vacuum assist to achieve sharper detail to the finished product.  Rotational molding is another one of our capabilities which allows us to do high-volume Plastic Fabrication at a very economical price.

We are Plastic Thermoformers who have supplied military and aerospace,  customers with closely inspected components over the last 30 years with an exemplary record.

Contact JH Nunn to order the custom thermoformed plastic products you need, or for further information.