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Shrink Film for Long-term Contamination-Free Corrosion Control

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Shrink Film that delivers comprehensive long-term protection against corrosion

Intercept Technology TM Strink Film is a superior plastic packaging technology that provides effective long-term, outdoor protection against rust, oxidation, tarnish, mold, and mildew.  It’s clean, green, and safe… reusable and recyclable.

Intercept was developed by Bell Labs more than 20 years ago.  It’s been rigorously tested by independent scientistis and laboratories, and approved for s by companies in many applications all over the world.

Intercept has been proven to safely protect a variety of materials: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubber, electronics, optics, textiles, and more.  It’s designed for safeguarding equipment, machinery, spare parts and other critical assets against corrosion damage during shipping and storage.  Intercept’s unique combination of performance and ease of use make it the go-to solution throughout industry, including oil & gas, aerospace, heavy equipment, automotive, high-end electronics, power generation, energy, transportation, telecommunication, mining, and others.

It’s science but it works like magic

  • Intercept Shrink provides long-term protection from corrosion in a variety of severe enviornments, and works indoors or outdoors.
  • Scientists at Bell Labs invented a method to transform normal plastic into a high-gas barrier material, utilizing copper  reacted into the plastic molecular chain.
  • Reacts with, and then permanently neutralizes corrosive gases.
  • Seals and forms like a standard plastic.
  • Safe for all materials and products.  Doesn’t coat, contaminate or leave deposits of any kind.

Outdoor or Indoor 2-way Protection

  • Strong UV barrier on the exterior white side, with Intercept’s patented anti-corrosion film inside
  • 100% volatile-free clean plastic material
  • Static dissipative
  • Tape OR heat-seal for long-term protection
  • Recyclable, cost-effective

Many Applications:

  • Metals, plastics, fabrics, rubber, etc. subject to corrosive domage (rust, oxidation, mold, mildew)
  • Complex shapes and large assets no problem
  • Protect one asset OR an entire factory

The perfect solution.  Intercept Technology Shrink Film is the next generation of industrial packaging protection, fortification specifically designed to protect all materials that are degraded by atmosheric pllution and reactive gases that cause corrosion.

Ideal solution for every industry:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Textiles
  • Transportation
  • Museums
  • Optics

Intercept TechnologyTM is the most advanced packaging solution available for industry. Its unique combination of comprehensive protection, cleanliness, and superior field performance, together with its simplicity and design flexibility make it the premier choice for technical personnel around the gloabe. Intercept is a proven technology, providing anti-corrosion protection during shipping and for long term storage of valuable assets.  It will save you money, time, and worry.

Developed by Bell Labs, Intercept was specifically designed to overcome the shortcomings of traditional protective methods and packaging. Only Intercept works by creating an active barrier – rather than a passive one – and shrouds your assets with industry’s best long-term corrosion control.

Traditional packaging materials problematic

Only Intercept provides something truly different: a reactive barrier to corrosive gases. Many traditional materials

 (like foil laminaes) are only passive barriers, working on the dry method of presevation which require l

ess than 37 % RH (relative humidity) at all times. This can work will in some cases, however the package is not designed to be opened and closed, or resealed.  Even a single pin-hole in the structure or seal compromises the protection.  Barrier packagin demands a complete hermetic seal and requires the bag is sufficiently loaded with desiccant to maintain the low RH level.  Other methods rely on volatile protection (VCIs – Volotile Corrosion Inhibitors) which add to the VOC loading. 

They need to be monitored for shelf life and correct material for the metal being protected.

Non-ferrous metals, however, corrode primary due to corrosive gases, not moisture. Dry packaging is then ineffective, as humidity is not the driving force.  This can be seen (for example) in shipments to Asia. Due to severe levels of atmospheric pollution (as much as 200 times higher than here in the US), non-ferrous metals are often corroding in days or weeks instead of what was traditionally seen in months or years.

Intercept works better

Because foils are passive, they provide only inert barrier properties.  Intercept works differently, performing as an active barrier.  This unique material becomes a torturous path for corrosive gases – including Sulfur, Chlorine, Ozone, Nitrous gases, etc. Intercept’s robust protection prevents these gases from penetrating the bag, while Intercept

 cleanses the interior air space, creating a neutralized micro-enviornment inside – free from destructive corrosive gases. By eliminating the fuel that’s necessary for corrosion you’re protectting assets and all their components: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, rubber, plastics, electronics paint, and more.

Intercept contains no oils, no volatiles, no contaminates, and it does not outgas. It has accelerated breakdown in landfills, and is fully recyclable and reusable. It can easily be repaired and reclosed in the field and at customs.  The ESD protection is permanent, as ESD values on the films and bags are normally 10e6 to 10e9 Ohms/Sq, the ideal ESD range. Also, intercept Shrink Film allows RF signals through the material, permitting the use of RFID tags inside the finished packaging.